The Office of Communications and Public Affairs provides trainings on content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), video production, and other communications skills. Our workshops are open to anyone with a UNI.

Content Strategy, SEO, and Information Architecture

Effective websites have a defined strategy and plan for site content. This training will go over preparing and planning content, writing for the web, and how to optimize your content for search engines. This training is required to use Columbia Sites.

Social Media Strategy

The rise of social media has fundamentally changed how users navigate the web and come to discover news and new products or services. This training will teach participants how to communicate on social media platforms to an outside audience, how to build community using social content, and how to anticipate students' needs using social listening posts. Participants will also be welcomed into the University social media community of practice, which meets monthly and communicates daily in order to stay on top of the latest industry and technological developments.

How to Conduct Usability Test

A thorough overview of the user experience and its many components. You will learn the importance of a user-centered design process and the benefits of incorporating UX activities at every stage.

Stop guessing what your users want from your website and get real answers instead!

This workshop will empower you to conduct quick and cheap usability tests throughout the project lifecycle. Learn the benefits of traditional user testing. You will learn how to facilitate sessions, develop test plans, analyze data, and present the findings.

Have an Idea?

We also put together trainings on other communications skills as the need arises and on request if there is sufficient interest among colleagues. Email us to suggest an upcoming workshop.