University-Wide Resources

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs, in conjunction with partners across the University, offers a number of resources, tools, and guides to our communications colleagues across the University. 

Columbia Sites

Columbia Sites offers modern, affordable, easy-to-use websites with free training, a user guide, and office hours to help communicate your school or center's message. For more information about creating a website through Sites, contact Sheri M. Whitley

Editorial Style Guide

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs follows two styles that are consistent and appropriate for print and online materials written for and about the University. The most important principle in applying any style is to maintain a consistent editorial approach within a specific piece.

We use The Associated Press Stylebook (with slight modifications for clarity) for our news content and the Chicago Manual of Style for institutional and web content. The dictionary we use is Merriam-Webster.

Here are the two style guides, which are updated regularly:  

In recent years, schools have been developing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility guides, which we encourage. One such guide was developed by the Columbia School of Professional Studies and is worth exploring. If you have any questions about style guides, please contact Susan Ellingwood

Events Calendar

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs oversees the University events calendar. You can manage your calendar and crowd-source promotion of your events, which will be listed on the Columbia University homepage. Whether you are planning an event or attending one, remember that you must follow the University Events Policy.

If you have any questions about the calendar, email [email protected]

Identity Guidelines

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs, in conjunction with Columbia Creative, overseas the University's typefaces, art files, and use guidelines. For guidelines and best practices that promote a unified institutional identity and leverage Columbia's name, reputation, and trademarks in support of the University mission, visit Web and Identity Guidelines. Please review University branding and identity guidelines to be sure your project is in compliance. If you have any questions about logos, please contact Junie Lee and Sheri M. Whitley.

Photo Library

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs has created a digital asset management (DAM) system open to anyone with a UNI. Paid subscribers can also upload, tag, and store images. If you have questions about the DAM, please contact Sheri M. Whitley

Rights and Permissions

Requests to republish an image, article, or video should be emailed to the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at [email protected]

Tools Offered

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs is always looking for ways to streamline and improve University communications. We have a number of tools that paid subscribers can access:

  • BrightEdge, a search engine optimization (SEO) tool that provides real-time research, recommendations, and rankings
  • Muck Rack, a public relations software that allows you to easily search for journalists, monitor news, and build reports
  • Sprout, a social media management tool 

If you are interested in accessing these tools or have suggestions for other programs we should explore, please contact Sheri M. Whitley and Susan Ellingwood who can connect you with our budget and operations team to discuss subscription rates or one-time access.